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Learn more about how becoming a member of the nation's largest card lock fueling networks can increase your fleet's efficiency today!


Our partnership with Pacific Pride, a nationwide network of commercial fueling stations, means our customers have access to over 1,300 locations across the United States. Through Pacific Pride we are able to provide convenient fueling at the most competitive and consistent prices.



Pride Advantage Fuel Card

The Pride Advantage fuel card opens up thousands of new locations for your fueling needs. Pacific Pride has joined forces with the Fuelman Network to provide you with an expanded system of fueling locations. This card can now be utilized at any of the 1,300 Pacific Pride locations, along with many Fuelman sites across the nation.


With access to the Fuelman Network, you can choose where to fuel from among 40,000 truck stops and retail locations, including Chevron, Texaco, Pilot, Love’s and Flying J, as well as the existing Pacific Pride Cardlock locations. Fleet managers can now control which cards within their fleet can access retail locations to better control fleet fueling. Contact us today if you wish to lock out any cards from the Fuelman Network.


There are many new and exciting features that come with your new Pride Advantage fuel card. To learn more about your Pride Advantage experience, contact Shannon and 805-540-7148 or


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