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Learn more about how becoming a member of the nation's largest card lock fueling networks can increase your fleet's efficiency today!


Our partnership with Pacific Pride, a nationwide network of commercial fueling stations, means our customers have access to over 1,300 locations across the United States. Through Pacific Pride we are able to provide convenient fueling at the most competitive and consistent prices.

Fuel Smart

Feel like you spend way too much time filling up the tank? We hear you. At JB Dewar we are committed to providing you with high quality fuel products, but we’re also just here to help you like we would a friend. Check out these tips on how to fuel smart, just by changing the way you drive!


  1. Tighten Up
    Believe it or not, gas can evaporate if your cap isn’t tight enough, and it could affect your vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency. Damaged or missing caps cause even more serious problems.

  2. Avoid Aggression
    Sudden starts and hard stops can increase fuel consumption by up to 40%. Drive smoothly and gently to get the most out of each and every tank. The little time you save by rushing is hardly worth it.

  3. Keep it Light
    Ski racks, bikes, and trailers are all great, but they weigh you and your vehicle down. The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it takes to propel it forwards, and the more you spend on gas. Take off the extra load when you aren’t using it.

  4. Cruise to Cut Costs
    Road tripping? On long stretches of road, be sure to use cruise control, if your vehicle has it. All of those brief accelerations and decelerations add up, and cruise control helps you stay at one consistent speed, saving you gas in the process.

  5. Get Pumped
    Proper tire inflation is an absolute must. Under-inflated tires can mean a 6% increase in fuel consumption! Check the pressure of each tire using your own gauge for consistent results, and add air accordingly. Get pumped!


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