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Meet Jack Dewar, a proud grandfather of four girls, who all love horses. Jack loves horsepower too, just in the form of an old racecar! He’s been restoring old cars since high school and continued to do so throughout his college career at Cal Poly. While attending school Jack also began working for his father, John, driving a fuel truck in the summer. He took some time off from working and restoring Fords to serve in the United States Army for 2 years. Today, Jack is semi-retired, but still enjoys coming to the office every day, working side-by-side with his son, Ken, and granddaughter, Morgan.






Our partnership with Pacific Pride, a nationwide network of commercial fueling stations, means our customers have access to over 1,300 locations across the United States. Through Pacific Pride we are able to provide convenient fueling at the most competitive and consistent prices.

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