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Information Technology Administrator

As the Information Technology Administrator, Matt Wilcox addresses computer and technical issues, maintains company online data storage, and coordinates and consults on IT related projects. He also fields calls from all over the company, ranging from questions on a spreadsheet to a site losing all phone service. Every day brings new challenges and problems to solve, yet there’s just enough routine to keep him grounded. Matt enjoys working hands on, especially since traditionally most IT work happens from remote locations and over the phone. When not solving JB Dewar’s IT problems, Matt enjoys writing and taking his dogs for walks and hikes. He has also been known to do some camping and whitewater river rafting.




Our partnership with Pacific Pride, a nationwide network of commercial fueling stations, means our customers have access to over 1,300 locations across the United States. Through Pacific Pride we are able to provide convenient fueling at the most competitive and consistent prices.

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